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Major in Intermedia/Cyberarts - 60 credits

The Major in Intermedia/Cyberarts (IMCA) is a dynamic program that permits students to combine studies in media arts, new technologies and interdisciplinary practices.Curriculum focus in on:

  • Electronic arts
  • Video art
  • Performance art

IMCA has been developed to address the creative interests of student artists who want to explore the interdisciplinary relationships between emerging, new and existing media technologies and fine arts. Students may choose from introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in video, electronic arts and/or intermedia, focusing on one or other of these streams or selectively combining these areas of study, in conjunction with other Studio Arts or faculty offerings.

The program encourages cross-pollination between traditional disciplines and new forms of artistic expression using technology and integrated media.

Imagine a learning environment where you could study different combinations of electronic arts, video, performance art, immersive environments and sound art production.


For a list of required courses, please download the Program Guide according to your year of entry and refer to the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar. At an advanced level and in consultation with an advisor, students have the opportunity to pursue independent study courses or professional internships. Schedules for courses are available on the class schedules website.


Admission requirements

A portfolio, letter of intent and photocopies of recent transcripts are required for admission. The Portfolio Evaluation Form must be submitted with the portfolio.

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Visit the IMCA FAQ page for more information on the program.



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