Sujir, Leila

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Leila Sujir
Associate Professor, Intermedia/Cyberarts and Open Media

tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 4681
office: S-EV 6.821

Leila Sujir has a twenty-five year practice as a media artist, and a background in narrative structures from the University of Alberta (BA Literature, 1972), with subsequent graduate work in Postmodern theory (University of Calgary, 1979-1980) and Post-colonial Theory (University of Calgary 1984-1985). In 2005 through 2006, she was a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Calgary, a one year research position as an artist in the Interactions Lab in the Department of Computer Science. A solo exhibition which has toured Canada, Luminous Stories, initiated by the Art Gallery of Peterborough, covered  ten years of her video production 1989-1999. Her video works have been shown in group shows at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in Liverpool, U.K. as well as galleries and festivals all over the world. New Republics, a group exhibition out of the U.K., toured Canada and Australia 1999-2000. Her video works are in a number of collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, who own four of her art-works, starting with video art productions from the mid-eighties through to the present. Sujir's video artwork has also been shown on educational television in Canada.

  • Video excerpt from The Dreams of the Night Cleaners*
  • Recent interview with Leila Sujir, for Studio XX's DPI online journal.
  • The traveling exhibition New Republics, with artists from Canada, South Africa and Australia, initiated in the UK by curator Sunil Gupta for OVA [For Leila Sujir, the video, Dreams of the Night Cleaners, 1995]
  • Works in Artpad, from the Glenbow Museum collection[For Leila Sujir, the video, Dreams of the Night Cleaners, 1995].
  • A recent publication by Maria Lantin, kg guttman, and Leila Sujir, on Tulipomania.

areas of expertise: Intermedia/Cyberarts

* The Dreams of the Night Cleaners (excerpt). 1995.

Video, 46 minutes, Betacam SP. Collections: The Glenbow Museum and Archives, and the National Gallery of Canada.

A road trip, a journey, a voyage through history and memory. A complex weave of drama, archival footage and animation in a fable format to explore the public mythologies in our culture which have had devastating effects on public policy, public attitudes and individual lives. "Dreams" uses storytelling, humour, magic and history to sweep away the misconceptions which haunt the lives of its characters.


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